Frequently Asked Questions



What is the Hear Ye! app?

Hear Ye! is a one-way group messaging app that helps group leaders broadcast messages to their audience. Hear Ye! broadcasts ensure that your group members stay up-to-date  with important alerts, reminders and announcements. 

Who uses the Hear Ye! app?

Hear Ye! is used by organizations of all sizes that need to broadcast important messages that cut through the noise of other communication platforms.

What platforms and devices are supported?

Currently, Hear Ye! is available on iOS 7 and above to download. Group members who cannot download Hear Ye! may sign up to receive messages via email.

App Settings

How do I adjust app settings?

App settings can be accessed from any screen in Hear Ye! by selecting the App Settings “” icon located on the bottom of the screen.

How are app settings different from group settings?

App Settings control your push notification preferences and login status. Push notifications are turned on by default.

Group Settings are specific to each group. With group settings, you can make groups private, invalidate invite links, allow or disallow anonymous users, enable or disable your group geo-location detection, and change your location as needed.

Why should I log in via Facebook?

Users logged in with Facebook are considered registered users. This helps the Group Owner see who are the members of the group and allow Group Owners to promote them within the group. User can login or logout their accounts at any time from.

Creating Groups

Why should I create a group?

When you have a group of people in your organization that you want to reach for special notifications that they will recognize come from you and have special importance, then you create a group associated with the group type so subscribers can recognize. For example, a Church may have various groups such as a “Prayer Reminder” group, or a “Youth Camp” group.

How do I create a group?

For first time users, you can select the Create option on your welcome screen. Or later, at any time, you may select the Groups icon the footer of the app to navigate to the “Groups”  screen. In this screen, you will find a “+” icon in the right top corner of the app. Tapping on the “+” sign will bring a menu with options including the “Create Group” option.

You will be prompted to enter a required Group Name (Make sure the name is between 5 and 30 Characters in length including spaces). You may enter a Group Description as well. This text will help your subscribers understand the purpose of your group for better recognition. In addition, you may Tap to add your group location. The app will recognize your location and add it internally so subscribers can later find you by location.

Can I change name / description / settings after creating a group?

Yes! All group settings can be changed via the group settings screen. To access this screen, click on your group name, then click on the icon in the upper right corner.

Closing Groups

Why would I close a group?

If you no longer have a use for a group, or have created a new group to replace an old one, you can close a group at any time.

How do I close a group?

To close a group, click on the icon, then click the “Close Group” button. Confirm the group closure by clicking “YES, CLOSE GROUP.”

Joining Groups

How can I find (and join) a group?

To find a group, just click on the “+” icon in the top right corner of Hear Ye! Screen. A new menu will appear at the bottom of the screen. On this menu, select “Join a Group.” Hear Ye! will automatically show you a list of nearby groups that you can choose from. You can also search for a specific group by typing the group name into the “Search by Group name” box.

To join a group that’s nearby, simply click on that group name. You’ll be taken to a new screen that gives you a description of the group. 

If you’ve typed in a group name, the group will appear in the list below. If you see the group you wish to join, click that group and follow the steps above to join.

How do I join a group if I don’t have the app installed?

If you receive a group invite link, but don’t have the Hear Ye! App installed, you can download the App from the Apple App Store. Hear Ye! requires iOS 7 or later to install.

If your phone does not support iOS 7 or later, you can subscribe to receive Hear Ye! message broadcasts via email. To do this, follow the email sign-up prompt in your invitation link.

Leaving Groups

How do I leave a group?

To leave a group, click on the icon, then click “LEAVE GROUP.” To confirm your desire to leave the group, click on the “YES, LEAVE GROUP” option that appears.

If I leave a group, can I come back?

Yes! As long as the group still exists, all you need to do is locate the group and follow the same steps you did to join the group. Note: If you were removed from a group by the group leader, however, you will not be able to re-join a group without the group leader’s approval.

Group Invitations

How can I invite people to my group?

To invite people to your group, enter your group and select the icon. You will be taken to a new page that lists all of your existing group members. Click on the “INVITE TO THIS GROUP” button. A new menu will appear that will allow you to invite new members to your group via SMS, Email, or other channels. Once you’ve selected the format with which you wish to invite new group members, select your invitees, and send out your invitation.

How do I invite people to private groups?

Private groups are not listed in the “Join a Group” search list. However, you can invite users to private groups with an invitation link. To do this, simply enter your group and click on the icon. From there, click on the “INVITE TO THIS GROUP” button. A new menu will appear that will allow you to send a private invitation link to whichever user(s) you wish to invite to your private group.

What does “revoke invitation links” mean and why would I use it?

Revoking an invitation link invalidates all invitation links that were previously sent out for a particular group. This feature is primarily meant to prevent accidentally invited users to join private groups and/or cancel invitations to groups that no longer exist.

How do I revoke an invitation link?

To invalidate invitation links, enter the group from which you sent the original invitation link. From the group, click on the icon. If your group is private and has pending invitation links, you will see the “Invalidate invite Links” option in dark blue. Click on the icon. This will invalidate all outstanding invitation links.

Group Settings

Who can change group settings?

Group Owners and Admins can change group settings.

What does the “allow anonymous users” group setting do?

The app allows anyone to join a group and authentication is not required. We do offer the option to sign in with your Facebook account which will give your membership visibility and access to member rights.

What is the difference between a group and a “private” group?

If a group is not set to “Private,” anyone who finds that group via specific name search or location search can join the group. Private Groups require users to follow an invitation link to join that group.


Note: Private groups will not appear in location searches. They are only visible to users who specifically search the group’s name, or who are invited to join the group.

What does the “location” group setting do, and how can I use it?

When you create a group, you can select a group location. This group location makes your group appear in the local group search list. So if a Hear Ye! user is located near your set group location, your group will appear in their group search list.

Member Management

What’s the difference between Group Members, Group Managers, Group Admins, and Group Owners?

Group Members can simply receive messages that are sent to a particular group.

Group Managers receive messages to the group, but can also send messages to a group and remove group members.

Group Admins have all of the abilities of Group Managers, but can also change group settings, promote Members to Managers, and demote Managers to Members.

Group Owners have ultimate administrative control of a group. They can do everything a Group Admin can do, in addition to assigning new Admins, promoting Managers to Admins, demoting Admins to Managers, and closing a group.

How do I promote or demote members?

In order to promote/demote group members, you must be a Group Admin or Group Owner. To perform a promotion/demotion, go into the group where you wish to promote/demote a user by clicking the icon. Then click on the user’s name. A menu will appear that gives you the option to Promote/Demote the user, or kick them out. Click the promote/demote option (whichever applies).

How do I kick out a member from my group?

To kick a group member out of your group, click on the icon in your group. Then click on the user’s name who you wish to kick out. Once you click on the group member, a menu will appear. Select “Kick Out” on the new menu. This will kick out the selected member.

What happens when I kick out a subscriber?

The user will no longer appear in your group’s member list, and your group will be removed from the user’s list of joined groups. The user with NOT receive any kind of notification about being removed from your group.

Receiving & Reading Messages

Who can receive messages?

Any Group subscribers who joined the Group will receive messages regardless if they log in or not.

How do I receive and read messages?

Messages will come in as they are sent. All you need to do is Tap on the notification or app icon to read the message. If you are already in the app you will see a badge notification showing you the number of new messages received and this will alert you that you have a new message to read. Tap on the Groups icon in the main bottom bar to access the Message screen.

How do I read old messages?

To read old messages simply select any group that you’ve joined to see a running list of all previous messages.

How can I enable or disable push notifications?

Look for the “App Settings”  icon in the app’s bottom bar. You can enable or disable notifications by flipping the switch.

How do I block inappropriate users and/or content?

The easiest way to block inappropriate users and/or content is to simply leave the offending group. Group membership is completely opt-in.  Members can leave a group at any time.  Once a user has left a group, they will no longer receive any messages from the group.

Users can report inappropriate behavior or content through the feedback form in the Help section of the app or through our Contact Us page.

Sending Messages

Who can send messages?

Group Owners, Admins and Managers have permissions to send messages.

Who am I sending messages to?

Your messages are sent to all members of your group.

How do I send a message?

Select the group that you want to send a message to. In the upper menu, you will see the Send Message icon. Select “Send Message” to access the Message screen. You will see a text box for your message. Keep in mind the X character limit. Once you are ready to send your message select the Send button and confirm that you are ready to send the message. 

Privacy & Identity

Why should I log in with Facebook?

Joining using your Facebook account is safe and easy. It allows the group owner to see you and promote you as needed.

What limitations apply to anonymous app users?

Anonymous app users are unable to be promoted in a group. You must join with a Facebook account in order to be promoted in a group.

Can I log out and become anonymous?

Yes. You can log out at any time.

How is location used and shared?

Groups have optional location information associated with them.  When they do, users can find the group when they’re nearby.  The distance from a user to the Group center is also shown in search results.  And while the group’s city name may be shown, the actual pinpoint location is never actually shared with other Users, but only used for these distance determinations.

Who can see my group messages?

Only people that joined your group can see your message. However, keep in mind that all app users can join any group unless you set up your group as “Private”. In this case, only users that are invited by you and have the group name can join.

TextMarks Keyword Groups

How do I join to a TextMarks Keyword Group in Hear Ye?

To find a TextMarks Keyword group, just click on the “+” icon in the top right corner of Hear Ye! Home Screen. A new menu will appear at the bottom of the screen. On this menu, select “Join a Group.” In the “Search by Group name” box, type in the full TextMarks Keyword.

To join the group, simply tap on that group name. You’ll be taken to a new screen that gives you a description of the group.

Can I manage my TextMarks Keywords from Hear Ye!?

No; TextMarks Keyword groups in Hear Ye! serve strictly as a receiver for messages sent from that keyword. Hear Ye! can only be used in conjunction with TextMarks to RECEIVE messages from a TextMarks keyword.